Aren't You Happy for Me Richard Bausch

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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This is third person and primarily dialog, a phone call between the father and daughter. The reader discovers the daughter's predicament (pregnant, getting married to a 63 year old who was her professor) About Melanie

* She was in Chicago, where they had sent her to school more than four years ago, and where after her graduation she had stayed, having landed a job with an independent newspaper in the city About Ballinger and Mary

* In March, Ballinger and Mary had moved to this small house in the middle of Charlottesville, hoping that a change of scene might help things. It hadn't; they were falling apart after all these years. William name on the old man, and look like George Burns, he have 3 children. Divorces 2 times William is in the room beside Melanie ‘’ Again, she seemed to be talking to someone else in the room with her. Her voice trailed off’’ He's a professor of literature Ballinger is 45 years

He sat down in his kitchen and Mary was outside,
* He ask into the man.
I am an American. I fought in Korea."
"Not World War Two?"
The other man did not answer.
William says to Ballinger "I told you, my youngest boy is thirty-eight." Jack Ballinger.
Mary got told about all the things, Jake go in the bedroom, after 5 minutes she comes into the room, and they both just sat in the bed, Jack will not tell Melanie about the problems him and Mary have,
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