Areas of Combat Engineering

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Areas of Combat Engineering
Engineering has expanded its wings and moved into numerous new horizons and domains. Engineering is one such field that has not limited its scope to just a few domains. One new domain that has been invaded by engineering is combat. Combat engineers are special engineers trained to build and develop technologies and devices under different combat conditions. Combat engineering is a special field not because it is new or different but because it tackles and deals with one of the most crucial aspects of safety and development for any country. Combat engineers are known with different names but irrespective of their names and designations, their basic role and functioning remain the same. Below discussed are some of the important areas of combat engineering. -Mobility: the soldiers need to have the technologies and required equipment for quick and easy mobility around the battlefield. This is one of the most important areas wherein the engineers come into the picture. Engineers have a great role in supporting soldiers in moving around the place. They help in not only building devices that would facilitate mobility but also help in keeping them in good conditions and enhancing their features and applications from time to time. -Countermobility: where it is crucial for the combat engineers to enhance the mobility of the soldiers or the sappers in the battlefield, they also need to continuously come up with measures that would hinder the progress and movement of the enemies. The combat engineers help in the destruction of the moving around of the enemies or planting some roadblocks that would stop them from moving forward. Assault: battlefields are full of fights and assaults and with the growing use of science and technology, combat engineers have a bigger responsibility on their shoulders to make use of engineering devices and expertise for making assault easier and more effective. This is one of the biggest tasks of combat engineering....
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