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Topics: Mental disorder, Health care, Public health Pages: 5 (1477 words) Published: February 26, 2013
“Social Care is a profession committed to the planning and delivery of quality care and other support services for individuals and groups with identified needs. Social Care Worker plans and provides professional individual or group care to clients with personal and social needs”. (Share, 2009).

In this essay I have been asked to research an area in social care that I am interested in. I am also asked to explore the role of a social care worker in my chosen area. I have defined social care and a social care worker. I will research an organisation or service that provides help and support to my chosen area. I will talk about a few different hospitals around the country and how they help and support the clients. I will discuss mental health in Ireland and define it, and finally the different illnesses which encompass mental health, and a scenario where a social care worker works with that client.

There are many different areas in social care work such as, people with learning or physical disabilities, people who are homeless; people with alcohol/drug dependency, residential care, working with the elderly and working in psychiatric care. The one area in social care work that interests me most would be psychiatric care because of family history it has become a keen interest of mine to get involved in. Just to help and understand what it is the person is having the problem with and to help them through their illness, to help their family get through the problem and just to make a small difference to their lives.

While researching information for this essay my helping aids were a family relative who works in a psychiatric care environment, Mental Health Ireland website, our main textbook for this module (Applied Social Care: An Introduction for Students in Ireland) and the World Health Organisation website.

An establishment which is a main provider of psychiatric care in Ireland is the HSE (Health Service Executive). The HSE is responsible for the provision of healthcare providing health and personal social services for everyone living in Ireland, with public funds. The Executive was established by the Health Act 2004 and came into official operation on 1 January 2005. It replaced the ten regional health boards, the Eastern Regional Health Authority and a number of other different agencies and organisations. The Minister for Health has overall responsibility for the executive in government. The HSE is Ireland's largest employer with over 67,000 direct employees, and another 40,000 in funded health care organisations. It has an annual budget of over €13 billion, more than any other public sector organisation. The HSE provides health and social services to everyone living in Ireland. Its services are delivered to young and old, in hospitals, health facilities and in communities across the country. It is in place to keep the patients safe and in a calm environment. Just two to mention that I would be familiar with are: St Patricks University Hospital, Dublin and St Loman’s, Westmeath. St Patrick’s Hospital in Co. Dublin is up and running the last 266 years. It was one of the first hospitals in the world to be planned and designed as a psychiatric hospital. Today they are an independently governed, not-for-profit mental health facility. The hospital provides inpatient, day care and outpatient services through speciality mental health programmes and services. Their Dean Clinics are community-based mental health services designed to meet your holistic needs in a multi-disciplinary setting. Access to Mental Health Assessment in the Dean Clinic network is provided free of charge to patients referred by their General Practitioner. They provide multi-disciplinary assessment and problem focused, client centred therapy which caters to a wide range of mental health problems including: Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder, Anxiety / OCD, Stress-related Disorders, Addiction, Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health plus Addiction) and Psychosis....
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