Area 51 Abstract

Topics: Classified information, 1950s, Orange County, California Pages: 1 (260 words) Published: May 17, 2011
Area 51 is a very mysterious and unknown area that no one knows about. People talk about UFO, aliens, future war machines and other mystical things lurking around in area 51. My fascination with mystical creatures and flying objects really sparks my curiosity about this area resulting in me researching about area 51. Growing up all you here about area 51 is that it’s very secretive to the point the government blocks all the entrances to the area and no photos could be taken neither around it nor above it from the sky. Even our own military jets could not fly over area 51. In my research, I will be trying to understand why the government had denied its existence till the 1950’s. What really goes on in area 51? Are there really different life forms inside this area? How do one work at area 51 and how would there life change if they did. I would one day like to work for the government and work for area 51 if possible A lot of my research is done on the Internet. was a website I used. The road to area 51 (,0,5104077.story) was an article I read to. also showed an image of area 51 and details. I went to the Orange County Public Library across the street from Garden Grove high school and checked out a book called Top Secret Tourism by Harry Helms.
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