Are Zoos Harmful?

Topics: William Freeman Vilas, Madison, Wisconsin, Extinction Pages: 4 (1425 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Michelle Smith
Professor Jerri A. Harwell
WRTG 0990-035 (Persuasive Essay #1)
16 April 2013
Persuasive essay #1
Should animals stay in their natural habitat as opposed to zoos? This controversial topic has been debated for years. Many argue that keeping animals in cages is unethical and could lead to diverse problems for the animals. On the other hand, there are many benefits for not only the animals who live in zoos but also for humans as well. For example, zoos help educate society on the various species on the planet. They also offer a better home for endangered animals, sick, and abused animals. In addition, they help humans and animals develop an earthly relationship. In this paper, the benefits and hazards to animals that live in zoos will be explored.

Zoos are for educational and viewing pleasure. For example, when I went to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, VA, I discovered an animal that I had never known about before. The Malayan Tapir is a very unusual, but exciting animal. It looks like a giant anteater and has an elephant -like nose. In the wild, tapirs can be found in the dense rainforests of Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia and Indonesia. Upon reading about and gazing at it, it opened my mind to the other many animals that there could possibly be. I thought I had been educated about the world and it’s animals, but to discover another animal brought back the excitement for learning. My daughter as well was excited to be there, but the education she was receiving was more advanced than mine growing up. Many elementary schools go on field trip to learn about animals. For some kids, they develop through interaction with the animals, a love for animals that eventually leads them to the occupational of animals. Veterinarians, Zoo keepers, animals trainers are all well rewarding jobs. Animal trainer Alex Lacey developed a bond with mixtures of cats-lions, tigers and leopards with just being around them. His father, a circus director, breed, trained...
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