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Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach

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Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach

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Are Your Eyes Bigger Than Your Stomach?
Whether preparing for a night on the town or a big Friday night date, one of your primary concerns is always where you plan to eat. Do you want a quick and easy pass through the McDonald’s drive thru, or are you more interested in a secluded romantic table in the back of Olive Garden? In any regard, you will look at the enticing entrees offered on the menu. What will it be? A Big Mac with a large order of fries or the Chicken Parmesan with a side salad, and how can you pass up that Apple Torte? You will order your food and chat continuously with your company. After your food arrives, you immediately dig in to the juicy desire in front of you. All is well until about half way through your meal. To your amazement, those extra fries left in your carton don’t look so appealing, and forget about dessert, your main entrée is still half unconsumed. But why is this? You began your meal full of anticipation for the plate that would soon be before you, and now the mere thought of another bite makes you sick to your stomach.

So how come what initially made our stomachs growl now cause us to feel nauseous? Take Fazoli’s for example. I don’t believe there is a more sense appealing menu in the food business. The dim lights and rosy walls make it an ideal location for a casual date. When you arrive and walk up to the counter to place your order, you are greeted with mouth-watering pictures of your possible dinner choices. The scarlet tomatoes, plump and round, sit effortlessly on a plate while perfect water droplets trace a path down them. Even I, a public opponent of broccoli, can’t help but notice how that crisp, emerald vegetable adds an undeniable lure to the fettuccini alfredo. Just by our confidence in sight, we are sure that we and our date will be satisfied as dinner closes. This idea may hold true, but by the end of our meal, we can’t seem to swallow another bite. Is it because your eyes deceived you and the taste really...

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