Are You a Utilitarian, a Kantian Deontology, or Virtuous Person? Why?

Topics: Ethics, Core issues in ethics, Virtue Pages: 2 (920 words) Published: December 28, 2012
Being human is not always the same even the appearance and the way of thinking. Different people have different point of views. Some people are utilitarian, some are Kantian Deontologist, and some are Virtuous people. From my perspective, I am the kind of person who cannot decide which one best describes my thinking. Sometimes I could feel that I am a utilitarian, and sometime I can be all of them. Therefore, being utilitarian means that good or bad depends on the result of the action. On the one hand, being Kantian Deontologist means that good or bad is in the action, and a virtuous person means that good or bad is in the person.

I can say that I am a utilitarian based on some references. I do care a lot for other people’s happiness, and I really appreciate to let the people who stay around me to be happy. For example, I had a complicated relationship with my boyfriend when I was in year 1 at my university. We really love each other, yet it was getting worse and worse after my mother knew about our relationship. She blamed me for having a boyfriend without telling her and letting her decide who can be my partner in the future. She seemed to be unhappy as well as my parents, so I decided to quit my relationship with the one whom I love the most. I decided to do that since I want my mother to be happy and my whole family. Even though there are two people in this problem who cannot get happiness still there are more than two people who can be happy. The decision of choosing family should be right. As I am a Cambodian child, I have the authority to listen to what my family say is good or bad. However, I have to follow what my families tell me to do; I still have the right to think what is good and what is bad. For this problem, I know that I am wrong since I have a boyfriend in the early age.

On the other hand, I feel that I am a Kantian Deontologist. Living in the world we need to be honest and do well in society. Doing the right action is important;...
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