Are You Pessimistic or Optimistic?

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  • Published : September 26, 2012
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"Never say never"...that's my favorite quotation.Many people say that maybe i'm an optimistic person because I have a positive outlook in life.Well,they are right.I always think of positive outcomes when I do things on my way.Not that I am bragging but,some people say that I drive them always because of my positivity.They say they are always carried away by my positive energies or what ever they may call it.I show them my optimistic attitude not just because I want to look positive on their sight but I also want to see a downward curve on their faces whenever I see them to drag more positive what they say.

Now, how did I become an optimist? Honestly, I was a kind of person who think negative things a lot before.Thus, a pessimist.Whenever I do things on my own, I always think it would lead to failure.Like taking a test for example,I over imagine negative things like failing,low score, ad any thing a pessimist could ever think of.And look what it gave me,..An unimaginable score.That's when I thought that I need to change coarse like, I need to change my negative attitude.I started thinking wisely and wisely means positively.

When you're thinking positive,disappointment is always there to wait for you.Positive thinking sometimes requires expecting and expecting too much would lead to disappointment.But being an optimist, disappointment means "it's okay,there's always a next time.At least you learned something you've never knew before".I hope that my essay will inspire a pessimist somehow.My composition will end just like how it started.As an optimist,I say..."never say never".
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