Are You in or Out?: a Study of Ilonggos` Attitude Towards Going Abroad

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“Greener pastures are those outside of the country”, an Ilonggo youth confesses. Would this kind of thinking help for the betterment of Filipino families? Would this kind of thinking contribute to the nation building aspired by every Filipino? Would this be indeed the long-awaited answer to the problem of poverty for the Filipino people? Is Philippines not a greener pasture for the Filipino people?

Despite the many risk factors like psychological problems, emotional reservations, instability of other countries, culture shock and homesickness, still, according to POEA, growing number of Filipinos leave the country everyday. What made them convince themselves to leave their families?

Philippines has rich agricultural lands, abundant marine reserves that has been modernized and has globally competitive crafts and talents. Wouldn’t these be enough bases for the Filipinos to stay?

There are many pros and cons when Filipinos decide to leave the country and look for greener pastures. There can either be more reasons to stay or more reasons to leave. What crosses on the mind of every Filipino when she is at the bridge of deciding whether to go or to stay?

Statement of the Problem

Today, a large flock of Filipinos are already abroad. Does every Ilonggo desire to go outside the country? Do majority of the Ilonggos respond positively to go abroad? Why do they prefer to go outside the Philippines? What determine their attitude to go abroad?

The study aims to describe Ilonggos’ attitude towards going abroad. Specifically, it intends to: i. present the socio-demographic profile of Iloilo City residents aging 18 years old and above ii. assess the attitude of Iloilo society towards going abroad iii. find out if Ilonggos’socio-demographic profile and perception towards Philippine conditions is related to their response towards going abroad iv. identify Ilonggos’ major reason why they prefer to go abroad v. know which place/s Ilonggos prefer to go abroad

vi. estimate the proportion of Iloilo City families who have or had member/s abroad for the past ten years vii. describe the socio-demographic profile of Ilonggos who are or have been abroad for the past ten years

Conceptual Framework

What is meant by an attitude to go abroad? It explains the predisposition towards going abroad; people may favor or not to go abroad. They favor going abroad because their attitude towards it is positive. Those who have a negative attitude don’t favor to go abroad. Sociologists view the people’s attitude of moving from one place to another as largely influences by the so-called “push and pull” factors. In conditions that breed a poor or unsatisfying life in the present place of residence, account for the push factors. The pull factors are the attractions and favorable conditions of the locality. (Panopio, Cordero and Raymundo, 1978)

Why do some Filipinos like to move from the Philippines to other countries? Why do some prefer to stay and don’t like to go abroad? Those who have a positive attitude may favor going abroad due to their dissatisfaction or discontentment of living conditions here in the Philippines. Their willingness to go abroad is reinforced by awareness or knowledge of better opportunities in other countries. On the other hand those who have a negative attitude prefer to stay because they find Philippine life as satisfying. In other words they are contented by their way of life.

To analyze Ilonggos’ attitude towards going abroad, the following hypotheses are formulated: Ho: Ilonggos’ attitude towards going abroad is independent on sex, civil status, age, educational attainment, work status, employment status, occupation, and monthly income, number of household members or relation to household head. Ha: Ilonggos’ attitude towards going abroad is dependent on those stated...
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