Are You Down with Slang?

Topics: English language, Dialect, Language Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Are You Down With Slang?

The English language is one of the most diverse if not the most diverse language in the world. It is spoken in many countries and spoken with different dialects within those countries. Ranging from different pronunciations to completely different meanings for words. Flip-flops in America are known as thongs in Australia and tap in Britain is a faucet in America. Each country also has its own form of slang that other English speaking countries may not understand. Slang in American English (as some call it) makes it difficult for a lot of people trying to learn the language. When it comes to slang many people have mixed feelings. Some would argue the is ruins the English language, that is takes away from its beauty by polluting it with nonsense. Others would say it is a good thing, that it shapes the language and keeps it up to date with our ever changing lifestyles. But without variations of slang would English still be the same? Would it still be this worldwide spoken language? Slang is words or expressions that are used more socially amongst people. There is no exact origin of the word slang or when slang words first came around. In the Middle Ages there was no standardized language. Which led to different pronunciations and dialects amongst regions which could of led to the concept of slang. Slang usually forms within groups of people. You have computer slang and video gaming slang to name a couple. Noob in video gaming means someone who is new and no good at the particular game. Where LOL means “laugh out load” when instant messaging. There are many pros and cons when it comes to slang. One problem that arises with slang is that it can get very confusing for those that do not know or understand it. Slang usually forms or stems within groups of people or clicks. So people who do not belong to those groups may not understand their terminology. Someone who is a electrical engineer wouldn't understand the lingo of someone that is a...
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