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Are You Being Tracked?

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Are You Being Tracked?

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  • August 2011
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With advances in technology over the past several years, it has become more and more likely that you are indeed being tracked. Tracking devices can be useful and are found in many different items that we use today. Everything from our cell phones to the navigation systems in our automobiles to our internet use can enable others to track us. There are other uses for tracking devices as well. Chipping our pets to help get them back if they are lost or stolen and law enforcement officials using ankle bracelets used on criminals to keep track of their location while they are out of jail are just a couple of these (Parsons). However, there are many different views as to the legality of tracking individuals and raises both moral and ethical questions.

Tracking someone while they are using the internet is probably the worse form that there is. Some businesses use it as an advertising and marketing tool. These businesses collect information about what websites you visit and then use that information to target you with personal ads catered to what they now believe to be your personal interest (Lazarus). While this can be annoying and seem somewhat harmless, there are other ways that being tracked can be harmful.

Hackers can also track the keystrokes that you make on your keyboard. This becomes dangerous to you when you use your credit card to purchase items online. Someone who is tracking your keystrokes just got access to your credit card number, the name on the card, the expiration date, the security code, basically everything that they need to steal your identity and spend your money. While many credit card companies will reverse some of these charges should this happen to you, there are times when they don’t. If hackers can get your credit card numbers through tracking, then they can also get access to other personal information that you may keep on your computer, such as your social security number, or that of your child, or any other personal...

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