Are We Losing Our Mother Tongue

Topics: Culture, Linguistics, Lingua franca Pages: 1 (324 words) Published: June 7, 2011
Are we losing our Mother-Tongue?
It is, and it's getting worse. In an increasingly urbanised India, mother-tongues are under siege and facing a sustained attack from the three Ms of migration, market and mixed marriages. The mother tongue is the true vehicle of the mother wit. Another medium of speech may bring with it a current of new ideas. But the mother tongue is one in which a man is born. It is through the vernacular that the new conceptions of the mind should press their way to birth in speech. A man’s native speech is almost like his shadow, inseparable from his personality but in last few year mother tongue is losing importance in day by day and after few years we will be left with a small percentage of the urban populace who understands and converse in their mother tongue. Mother-tongue forms the very foundation upon which a cultural identity takes shape. Loose your mother-tongue and you loose the cultural identity. The amalgamation and transformation of languages due to globalization and world wide electronic connectivity is happening at a much faster pace than the pre-internet era. In India - with its burgeoning ambition, changing demographics, widening market, nuclearisation of families and massive shift in population from the rural and semi-rural to the urban - the linguistic map is rapidly changing. The westernisation and growing tendency to depart from the tradition has made its own negative impact on us. Young, upwardly mobile couples are taking recourse to English or Hindi as a means of communication between themselves and their children; the prime casualty everywhere is the mother-tongue. The growth of the traditions are synonym with mother tongue and culture and therefore let us strengthen our mother tongue and once again strive to create literary sages restore the past glory tradition. It will help us to sail safely through the much troubled waters of modern time.
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