Are We Guily for Making Ourselves Ill ?

Topics: Medicine, Health care, Health Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: May 30, 2013
Are We Guilty of Making Ourselves Ill?
I want to make an article I have many points but can someone help me in framing it and cutting out the unnecessary stuff. I also wanted to mention both pros and cons in my article. Here are the points:

1. Yes: Over-eating, eating only junk food, smoking, drug use/abuse, taking medicines wrongly. No: Can catch diseases, can inherit some diseases from a parent, may not be able to afford good food, may not understand what makes us ill, mental health problems could be caused by terrible sufferings in life.

2. we humans are guilty of making ourselves ill; citing the environmental disasters and as technology advances in terms of medical, human tend to reside on the thought that there's remedy, to fall out in health problems

3. Stress plays a major role in illnesses. This will be brought up and the only response I can think of is; for people who are sane it can become a choice to not endure so much stress by the way we choose to handle each and every situation along with how long we allow our own minds to re-play any bad situations or keep it in our minds. Also stress came from an initial problem to begin with and some people can't just turn their minds on and off to keep stress at bay that could potentially ward off some illnesses. Many illnesses are caused by the environment. Look around as everything makes or can make you ill. It's in food, water, preservatives, and even healthy things such as insecticides on vegetables and fruit. Cows are given a range of injections to make them "taste better" but what is that doing to our health? There are more things we cannot control in society that makes us ill than things we can. I believe this is a reason behind many illnesses today along with Autism, Parkinson's, MS, and so many diseases that are auto immune diseases. Honestly, I do believe we as humans are capable of causing ourselves to be ill just as much as the environment and other causes. Between the food we choose to...
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