Are Unions Still Relevant in Usa?

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  • Published : April 17, 2012
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Are Unions Still Relevant in the Unite States?
Labor Relations

Elsa M. Delgado
Palm Beach State College

Are Unions Still Relevant? 2

Labor Unions, which formed to represent the workforce when needed, its rights to be discuss with the organizations management. Unions bring matters as wages, and benefits to the Collective Bargain to get an agreement with the management. Unions where big up to the 2000; from there on where power and the number of members is experiencing declining. In 2009, 771,000 members left the movement; because of the recession of 2008-2009 the majority of the member are from the public sector and not the private organizations (Devinatz, 2010). It is true that the idea of an institution that works on benefit of employees hand to hand with employers is the ideal to have in every organization; however, how can somebody said is working on employees behalf if their needs if the requirement can put the organization stability in danger. With a good number of companies closing their doors, going to bankruptcy, or moving their manufacturing overseas the workforce forthcoming is turning to small businesses and entrepreneurship collective bargain turn out to be unnecessary and irrelevant (Subramani & Ramdas, 2011). Been raised and grownup in a country where unions were called federations, usually only participating at organizations relate to technical and trade professions, have not had a close relation or even learned to much about. Maybe this influenced in acquiring the concept that there is no need for an institution to deal the benefits and needs of employees. Organizations have developed and today management and human resources worked together on behalf of the organization and its employees. Human resources on an organization...
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