“Are There Any Significant Experiences You Have Had, or Accomplishments You Have Realized, That Have Helped to Define You as a Person?”

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  • Published : September 6, 2010
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I write this essay now as I prepare for my exams, just like any other student. The end of my life as a high school student is slowly creeping around the corner. Thinking far back I ponder as to where and how I would want to see myself in the future. I know that the choices that I will make from this point on will determine my future. College is a different world, a different place, or so they say. The days that will pass me by when I enter that world hereon in will be a challenge that I will accept, and an adventure that I am looking forward to.

I have listed in my application that I want to enroll in either a political science or economics course, as I am both interested in those fields and they also serve as a stepping stone for my goal to become a lawyer someday.

I have always been a consistent honor student in my previous years in school. I applied for and eventually passed the ESEP (Engineering and Science Education Program) and I am proud to say I am still a part of this class. Both of these are, so far, my greatest achievements. They have let me realize three things. First, I am above the average; I am worthy to study to the top universities of our country. Second, I was born to be a professional; a professional who is prepared to serve my countrymen and a professional who is one of those who will move our country from the third world into the first world. Lastly, I figured out that I want to use my talents and skills to help improve myself, my community and the society as a promising new professional that I aspire to be.

I believe that a great school trains a student to become a great individual someday. And, I believe that Ateneo de Manila University will be the best school for me to be the next high profiled lawyer of the Republic of the Philippines.
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