Are the Elder & Autistic People and Us More Alike Then Different?

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Are the Elder & Autistic People and Us More Alike Then Different?

By | Feb. 2011
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25, May, 2010
“Are elderly, autistic people and us more alike than different?”

First things first, the reason my essay title says “elderly and autistic people” is because I have found that waiting even one week to do something is a bad idea. That is because it is more than likely to turn into two weeks, which lead me to find no openings in community service for the autistic people. Because of procrastination, I had to do service for the elderly and still have to present both topics in the end. So now that I have that off my chest I can begin my story. My first topic is that when I was younger, I was the person who took things for granted, but that all changed when the economy crashed in 2008, and my family lost everything along with my parent’s marriage. But what kept my mother afloat where my grandparents (my mom’s parents), and my moms sisters. After all, she had my 3 sisters, 1 brother and I to take care of. Ironically, one of my aunt’s daughters (my cousin) was born with autism. And since we are a very close family, I get to hang out with all of them at least once a week. This gives me a personal experience with both groups of the elderly and the autistic. To be truthful, I didn’t really know a lot about the elderly and autistic people other than that they were both looked upon as being different. I also knew that they both were kind of in the twilight zone as they say, which means most don’t think as normally as healthy being, and that both tend to be shy. But from my experiences before this project, they actually weren’t any of those things. The reason I picked these groups were because I feel sorry for these people because they have amazing personalities and they try not to let anyone bring them down because of their condition. The problem is that people judge before they get to know the person. Trust me, I know that first hand.

My next topic is what I learned after I did some research on my groups. The first thing that came to me after I...

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