Are the Activities in Greys Areas I.E. Use of Office Resources for Personal Use, Handled?

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Business Ethics in Nestle : Are the activities in greys areas i.e. use of office resources for Personal use, handled?

Book: The Firm by John Grisham


1. Are the activities in greys areas i.e. use of office resources for Personal use, handled? Do you discourage it? How?

No. Nowadays we spend so much time in office that we do not have sufficient time to shop for personal things. At such times it is OK to use office resources like the internet, coffee, tissue etc. However the security code should be maintained at all the time.

2. While the projects are assigned, is there any periodic evaluation or checks after the final result?

Yes there is often a training period and a mid project review which tells the person working on the project if they are on a right track

3. What do you do when other officers ask for extra privileges? How do you respond on this?

I respond positively because I believe at some point everyone needs assistance or co operation in matters of providing previledges. Today if someone is asking certain privilege, let it be because tomorrow I may have to as one too due to certain conditions eg : Medical, leaving early etc.

4. What way do you assess skills and values? Is Integrity evaluated?

Skills are assessed through a person work. A skilled person will work efficiently too unless his skills lie somewhere else in their personal life like music, singing. These can be assessed in personal communication. Integrity is given the top most priority eg. Customer data violation may result in a straight termination of the job. Values learnt through upbringing will result in high or low integrity.

5. Is whistle Blowing Policy implemented?


6. How do you ensure compliance of rules and regulations? Is the verification done only during the joining or periodically?

Verification is done once in 6months by calling on the registered mobile....
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