Are Teenagers Apathetic to the Less Fortunate?

Topics: Adolescence, Donation, International Baccalaureate Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: January 22, 2013
I agree to a large extent that teenagers today are apathetic towards the less-fortunate. To be apathetic means to not care about something and to show no interest in that matter. Likewise, I feel that teenagers do not care and show no interest at all towards the less-fortunate and have an ignorant mind-set and attitude towards that matter.

Most teenagers are self-centred, causing them to be apathetic towards the less-fortunate. In this materialistic world, teenagers have developed a very self-centred attitude and only care about themselves. They love themselves more than anything else and do not care about the people around them, yet alone the less-fortunate. A survey conducted amongst teenagers in Sydney, Australia has shown that when ask for a donation to help the less-fortunate, only 20% of the teenagers will donate and those who did donate, only donated small sums of money ranging from some spare change to one or two dollars at most. The teenagers who did not donate any money also admitted that they did not want to give the money away but instead wanted to keep it so that they could use the money to buy something for themselves. In a newspaper article about volunteering to help the less-fortunate, a teenager, Arianna had said “Why should I give my money away to charity just to help others? Why can’t I just keep the money and help myself?”. Another teenager Gerard has also commented, “Will I get anything out of donating to these people? Like a medal from the president or my name be pasted on the school’s honour board?”. This shows how self-centred these teenagers are and how they will only do things if it benefits themself and makes themselves look better. These teenagers simply do not care about the less-fortunate and only care about themselves.

Teenagers are so busy that they are apathetic towards the less-fortunate. Today, teenagers have so many things to focus on such as studying, exams getting good grades, co-curricular activities and hanging out...
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