Are Steroids as Bad as We Think?

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  • Published : March 18, 2011
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Are Steroids Bad?

Anabolic steroids are one of the most thought about drugs when talking about gaining weight and muscle. Steroids have been around for years and athletes today continue to use these illegal performance enhancing drugs. But are they really that bad for you? Steroids not only have terrible side effects but they are also becoming more and more common around the world today with pro icons using them and the existence of them.

People use steroids for many reasons whether it is to bulk up, perform faster and stronger or to improve their physique. Steroids are known to produce both anabolic and androgenic effects. Which are muscle building and masculine characteristic effects. The anabolic effects raise testosterone levels helping to fuel protein synthesis. In other words they increase the amount of growth available to your muscles. The increase in hormones helps your body use more calories to add more lean muscle mass to your body and lessen fat tissue. Steroids also help to speed up recovery time of your muscles when they breakdown.

This may sound like a miracle drug but steroids are illegal and have many side effects that come with the price. Steroid abuse is known all throughout the country and many people are misusing steroids which are harming their health. When steroids are used they inhibit the use of natural testosterone in your body. When using steroids it sends a hormone signal to your body telling it to stop producing natural testosterone and start using the steroid as testosterone. This can send many problems to your body. Many times you see an unnatural looking body where muscles are exaggerated to abnormal size. This is an indication that your body is producing high testosterone levels which cause muscle development at a speedy rate.

One of the most aggressive side-effects of steroids is the effects on your liver. Steroids are a drug that orally passes through the liver which is a filter for your body. In many cases it is...
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