Are Social Networking Sites Damaging the Quality of America's Communication?

Topics: Social network service, Twitter, Facebook Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: November 7, 2010
Are Social Networking Sites Damaging the Quality of America’s Communication?

After watching a video clip in class about the social networking site Twitter, I began to more deeply think about an issue currently being addressed in our society. The issue in question is whether online social networking sites are damaging the quality of America’s communication. Are we losing the personalization people once shared in our culture? Social networking has become such a large and important part of our lives that most of us either have our own page or at least an opinion about its effects. It seems the obsession began as an innocent way to connect with individuals across the globe, but has now morphed into somewhat of a way of life for some. I myself have a Twitter and a MySpace profile, and I admit that while I rarely log on to my MySpace account, I’m definitely not immune to the addictions of Twitter. I have found myself spending countless hours on those sites, sometimes just surfing without even any conversing.

Social networking can be wonderful to use to reconnect with old friends or talk to your loved ones around the world, but sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter can also be a downfall by decreasing the number of people’s face-to-face conversations. Even if you don’t have many conversations on those sites, the time you spend on them can be valuable time wasted that you could have spend in person with someone. When I’m at home and a friend lives just blocks away, is trying to adequately express my emotions through a computer screen to them the best way to do so when I could just go over to their house or even at least pick up a phone? By tweeting, messaging, and commenting on people’s pages, we lose the spark of having special, personal relationships with people, while maybe also blossoming more long-distance relationships. This is not just an American issue, but also one that is worldwide. What will our world become when we don’t even feel the need to...
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