Are Reason and Emotional Equally Necessary in Justifying Moral Decisions?

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  • Published : August 29, 2008
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Are reason and emotional equally necessary in justifying moral decisions?

Human beings are facing moral decisions in everyday life. The decision or opinions of persons are justified and influenced by several ways of knowing especially emotion and reasoning. Every Human being is emotional, and our emotions influence our decision making. A Sad person might decide differently then a happy person. Reason is influenced by the way how people percept and observe they surroundings. Deductive and Inductive Logic is used to find the truth. Both Reason and Emotional are contradictory towards each other as both are totally different. This becomes clear by investigating Moral issues and the influence of Reason and emotional in 2 criticized and often re-discussed topics. Once the scientific research of cloning and second the discussion about Death Penalty. Both those subjects, one in the Science, the other in the Politics can give us evidence which way of knowing is more necessary for justifying moral decisions or if both are equal.

Cloning is the process of cloning Genes by replicating the DNA of a Organism. This DNA then is implanted in a stem cell, which will then will use this DNA and replicate itself until an exact copy is created. First Experiments on Animals where done 1996. Very famous is the Sheep Dolly which was used to investigate Cloning and the effect on living organism A. Scientist try to understand cloning even better and started to experiment on human cells. This throws up many Moral concerns.

If cloning becomes successful, their would be a revolution in Science. Organs could be cultured and the system of Organ transplant could transform in a better, more efficient system which safes more lives. The Contra idea of cloning: Stem cells have to be used in the process of cloning. A normal Human being has no stem cells anymore, but embryo´s, just some weeks old, are fully made up of stem cells. One stem cell is enough to culture 8 other stem cells B....
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