Are People Treated Equally?

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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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“We know from looking around us that people are not equal.” Discuss this statement. You should include different, supported viewpoints and your own opinion. You must refer to Christianity in your answer. [12]

In the past there some people did not treat others as there equal. However in society now, most people accept that all everyone should be treated equally. Most Christians share this view. However there are some individuals in society and some who belong to the Christian faith that do not agree with this.

Some Christians disagree with this statement as they believe everyone is equal, no matter what. This is a valid argument because the Bible says “There is no difference between Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female for we are all one in Jesus Christ.” This means that everyone is equal and everyone should be treated the same. Some may argue that this is not a valid argument as they may believe that unless you have faith in Jesus you are not equal. This is because the Bible (Mark 16:15-16) says “He said to them, “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.” This suggests that not everyone is equal as only those who believe in Jesus will be saved.

However some argue this point by saying the Bible does say “The Lord Jesus Christ, don’t show favouritism.” This means that we should not be inclined to treat other better but treat everyone as equals just as Jesus did. This suggests that Jesus loves everyone equally regardless of the views and in spite of people not believing in him. This contradicts with the previous point. Also Jesus says to love everyone including your enemies. He treated everyone the same and loved those who hated him and those who had disbelief in him.

Some Christians agree with this statement as they believe that unless you are Christians you are not equal. On one hand they could support his argument by saying that Jesus said “I am the way the truth, the life, no one can...
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