Are Nuclear Weapons Always an Element of Power?

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Are Nuclear Weapons always an element of power?

I think nuclear weapons are the element of power to be great power cause its threat to the other countries that they do not have nuclear weapons. Nuclear power first was gained in 1945 by USA and by using it in Hiroshima and Nagasaki this state showed its ultimate for that time power, talking simply if there were any doubts about the strength of US before nuclear after it they were gone. All disputes were solved in face of risk to be nuclear bombed – the best example is dispute about Iran. The north part of Iran where ethnic Azerbaijanians are living declared their independence and they were supported by USSR – Azerbaijan Democratic Republic, this issue or question was first to be discussed in newly formed UN, USA made pressure on Soviet Union and they had to retire since USA had in face of nuclear bomb enough strength to destroy the last one. Since then all states wished to gain nuclear power and the first one after of course USA to do that was USSR - 1949. So the main reason for countries to get nuclear weapon was to make themselves safe and rise the prestige of own state which was the case with India. India was in very difficult situation – it had conflict with Pakistan over the Kashmir territory and conflict with China over the border territories, USSR which was ally of India left it alone with China and it was very soon defeated in the conflict – this once more assured India in the necessity of maintaining nuclear power. So everything began from civilian purposes meaning that India assured the UN and IAEA (International atomic energy agency) that it used uranium and stations to enrich it in civil purposes – for producing energy but reality was straight opposite and it was late to stop the process since in 1970s India already successfully tested its nuclear weapon. What is interesting is that India needed nuclear not only for security but also for prestige as prime-minister of India stated that such a great...
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