Are Modern Sitcoms Too Controversial

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  • Published : May 17, 2011
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With today’s society being much more open and accepting about many different topics, the material content used as entertainment in many comedies is becoming more and more controversial. Popular television shows such as Absolutely Fabulous, Family Guy and American Dad! are consistently proving that jokes focusing on risqué topics such as abortion, religion, alcohol and drug abuse, sexism, racism and even the subject of disabilities are more entertaining and therefore, despite some audiences watching these shows in horror, they are becoming more and more socially acceptable. Entertainment of the past was rather held back when compared to what is on television today. This raises the question, are modern comedy sitcoms too controversial?

In 1992, the BBC aired the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous, introducing viewers to two of the most self-indulgent and irresponsible women to have ever graced our television screens. This show which was created by the wonderful Jennifer Saunders, focused on two champagne-swigging, chain-smoking, outrageously past-their-prime characters – Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. These two characters made popping pills, drink driving and harassing Edina’s straight laced daughter a regular occurrence. Socially, if these characters were “real people”, their crazy antics would not be accepted within today’s society. This hilarious show however, has won its creator two BAFTA awards, seven Emmy awards and three British Comedy Awards (The Coffee Junkie, WordPress: 2010).

Animated comedy’s controversial material as exemplified by Family Guy and American Dad!, both of which were created by Seth Macfarlane, continue to push the boundaries due to the profanities, animated nudity, racism, sexism, Nazism, violence, abortion and almost every other risqué topic one could possibly think of, referenced in these shows. Family Guy is one

of the most controversial television shows currently on the air, and due to the nature of its material,...
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