Are Luxuries a Modern Day Sin?

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Are Luxuries a Modern Day Sin?

Luxury, the word itself gives you a warm feeling of anticipation; it is certainly not a word to make you grimace. If asked to name the ultimate luxury you would find it impossible, because there are so many different answers. You could suggest your personal favorite only to discover that millions of others had not even considered your choice.

When you think about it almost every household appliance you now take for granted was a luxury item at some time. They are now all warmly embraced and treated as essentials needed to cope with normal day to day living. Mans first luxury was seen in the Stone Age; fire must have been looked upon as a gift from the Gods. Can you imagine how a non fire Stone Age family must have felt when they visited the cave next door and seen them eating cooked food? The envy must have been enormous; they probably tried to steal it.

“Put that fire thing in your mammoth skin pocket on the way out”, she whispered to her husband.

But seriously, what would have happened if the inventor had said “This is not fair; why should I have the luxury of cooked food when everyone else is eating it raw? I must put this fire out and catch food poison like all my neighbours.”

We should be extremely happy that luxuries exist and that we are fortunate enough to witness and have knowledge of them. The main reason being that such goods are surely destined to fall at our own feet eventually. Take a luxury yacht for an example; it is such a beautiful testimony to craftsmanship. It may cost the owner many millions of dollars, but where does that money go?

The news that such a vessel is required automatically brings the call for various types of people such as welders, designers and painters to run and maintain the ship.

So it is plain to see that those millions spent on the yacht gave jobs to so many workers who then aided others by circulating the money through various outlets. Perhaps some of those...
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