Are Human Beings Good or Bad

Are Human beings Good or Bad
Are human beings born to be good? Or are we naturally born to be evil? Everyone was born good, but as we are growing up we get influenced by the society or the environment around us. Things we see and do everyday changed us from good to evil. In the society we are living today; crimes are happening everywhere. To those immature, they think those criminals are their hero, so they went and do crimes like their ¡§hero¡¨ did. If we were to be kept away from the evil thoughts, then we should be able to stay good forever.

As we are growing up, our parents implanted ideas about good and bad into us. Many parents will tell their child stealing is wrong and one shall never steal. The idea was implanted into the child, so when ever a thought of stealing comes up; the child will remember what he was told. If the child was not told stealing was not allowed; then the child will probably steal because he saw someone else stealing. By seeing others steal, a child will think it is allowed; since us human beings learn from what we see.

Jealousy is another big factor of turning someone from good to bad. We see someone else have better stuff then us. For example, at school someone just got a

brand new I-Pod. Of course, for those who does not have one will be jealous. The result of being jealous was: wanting to get an I-Pod of their own, but not everyone has to money to get one; therefore, someone will get it illegally. The person might try to steal from the store or steal money from the parents. In that case jealousy has turned another person from good to bad. In order to over come jealousy one must have a good self discipline to control itself not to do bad.

Some people are just not as luck as others. They were born in a bad neighborhood. Gang fights are happening all the time; any child growing up in that environment will most likely to become bad. The child may think it is natural to have fights all the time since they see it so often. As...
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