Are Female Athletes Treated Fairly

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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Are Female Athletes Treated Fairly

Equality for female Athletes

In 1972, Title 1X was passed giving women equal opportunity in the field of athletics. It stated that no person base on their sex should be excluded from participating in sports or denied benefits. Title 1X gave women athletes a breakthrough in sports. Title IX has certainly provided a path for society to follow female athletes. Great strides have been made to provide an equal opportunity for females in the sports world; however, female sports still do not get the same attention as male counterparts when it comes to sponsorship, publicity, salaries and even commercials. Salary

It’s fair to say that all people should be paid equally, but truth of the matter is pro sports is a very big business and athletes are considered to be in a market economy. Athletes are paid according to how much additional money they can bring in for their teams. People are more interested in watching male athletes, so it’s obvious that people are more willing to pay higher ticket prices, which provides more money for the male athletes. The demand for sports played by males is much higher than for sports played by females. This means that the owner of the male teams has more income due to the demand for their product. It’s like the principle used by supply and demand; if demand is high or the supply is low, the price is high. This means that the owner of the male teams have more income due to the demand for their product. For example, NBA games regularly get close to filling a stadium with 20-25,000 people willing to pay $50-$1000 per ticket while WNBA games are lucky to get 2,500 people willing to pay $20 per ticket (Seepersaud, S. (2010, Aug). More income means more money is available for player salaries. It’s obvious that female athlete’s do not make nowhere near the same amount of money as male athletes that’s because the market determines a player’s salary. When the demand for females reaches...
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