Are Ethics Relative or Absolute? Why?

Topics: Family, Sibling, Mother Pages: 1 (513 words) Published: March 8, 2012
I cannot say that I have ever been in a situation that I had to choose between the law and making an ethical decision. I did not have a perfect life nor come from wealthy family. The choices I had made throughout my life are to always stay out of trouble or stay away from trouble. My parents were strict and I was disciplined to do what is right or you would get spanked. In my culture you are raised to respect your elders and do what is right for the family. So this is a really a tough question to answer based on the experience I have had growing up. I obeyed the law and rules in my home. I come from a large family of nine kids and I was second eldest. There was no room for me to rebel and live a teenage life. My mother had babies at a young age, she had taught me to be a young lady so early in my life. I watched every single one of my siblings at childbirth and was given the role of being there mommy. I had to raise them as if I were there mother and kids at school thought I had a baby because they would not see me at school for long periods of time. So I had lost many years of my teenage life doing what was I was raised to do and the only thing I regret is not being there for myself. The law states that you have to go to school or your parents would get in trouble. At the time I did not understand a lot about the law other than obeying it. But my mother did not care if we did not have an education. My mother had to quit school at sixth grade to take care of her siblings and I felt that she was taking things out on her kids when it comes to education and being independent. The consequences of not attending school, you would be placed in a juevinal facility and you would be forced to attend school. But I knew that it was wrong and that I really did not want to go to a normal high school and not be looked at as a beyond control adolence. I was a good kid and I had made the choice to obey my parents and do what they want. As a young lady, I knew...
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