Are Entertainment Celebrities Good Role Models or a Bad Influence?

Topics: Good and evil, Virtue, Value Pages: 3 (1174 words) Published: August 20, 2010
Are entertainment celebrities good role models or a bad influence? Discuss.

Entertainment celebrities are neither good role models nor a bad influence, at least not in entirety. To conclude by the actions of some celebrities that all of them should be generalized into two extremes: good and bad, would be irrational. Every celebrity is a unique individual with his or her own personal characteristics, and final judgment on the integrity of the celebrity in question must be based on personal lifestyle having more emphasis rather than the professional image portrayed by the celebrity. It is imperative that this differentiation be made as it is the actions of these celebrities off the centre stage that has a larger influence on the public. However, there are exceptions where a celebrity’s profession and the actions required of this profession that has a bad influence on people. Therefore, only after careful contemplation and sensitive weighing of a celebrity’s actions, both in and out of the spotlight, can we make a conclusion whether the celebrity is a good role model or a bad influence. More often than not, a celebrity is both a good role model and a bad influence as well.

The kind of influence an entertainment celebrity wields depends on the personal lifestyle rather than profession. If the celebrity leads a degenerative lifestyle filled with many negative elements, then it is obvious that this celebrity is a bad influence even if his or her alter ego stage promotes healthy lifestyles and moral values. The majority of the public has the ability to discern between fiction and reality. Thus the personal life of a celebrity revealed always catches the attention of the public, especially if it exposes negative values. Take the exponent of Brit-pop, Britney Spears, who has achieved revered status among her fans as an example. She has always promoted positive values among her fans and openly supports many charities. But her actions are subject to skepticism: are...
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