Are Education Systems Modern as Well as Practical Enough to Eliminate Unemployment, and Thus Poverty?

Topics: Economics, Scientific method, Unemployment Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: February 27, 2013
A willing and able person who cannot find a job is given the title of unemployed. /When person who is willing to do work and also has the ability to do so cannot find a job, they are given the title of unemployed. Willingness to work can come about for a number of reasons such as the desire to escape from poverty or attain a higher standard of living. The problem comes in with the ability of that individual to earn a stipend. With the annual population growth being 1.8% during the last four years, nearly a million workers are being added to the workforce every year. However despite such vast potential at hand, the employment rates are creating an unfavorable environment. Nearly 60% of the population is in the 'economically productive' age group and with the alarming fact that the rate of youth unemployment in Pakistan is 8%, higher than the overall unemployment rate of 6% this year. Almost half of the Pakistani workforce is unemployed according to the figures released by the Pakistan Economy Watch. The low growth in labour productivity has not matched the rising labour force and due to the low literacy rate coupled with ongoing economic depression, poverty is constantly growing. Since the scientific revolution and the times of the Age of Enlightenment, our knowledge and the way we are educated has progressed through the advancing scientific methods. In our modern times, colleges give us the option of studying, for example, applied science or theoretical science. Our primary education sector /According to data from the International Labour Organization, the /Our primary and secondary education are to an extent meeting modern standards of education but the problem lies with the Tertiary sector. Unemployment and poverty have affected not only our country but the world. The foundation of the eurozone crisis lies with the 11.8% unemployment rate, up from .1% in only a month. Close to 19million in the 17-nation zone have been affected. The risk of poverty...
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