Are College Students Adults? I Think so, Do You?

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  • Published : October 13, 2008
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Binge drinking in college is a controversial issue that has impassioned many to write. Henry Wechsler, Froma Harrop, Kathryn Stewart, Corina Sole, and James C. Carter are several writers that have shared their opinions with the public, in hopes to influence society. Although these writers have expressed their concern on this matter, each has a distinct perspective upon the issue. At one end of the spectrum lies Wechsler’s article which was inspired by an unfortunate event – the death of an MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) freshman who died of alcohol poisoning. He claims that colleges are not acknowledging the seriousness of the situation, which should, since college students are ever so “incapable” of controlling their obnoxious behaviors. On the other hand, Carter, Sole and Stewart, righteously accuse the nasty media and ill-pictured society – the sources that promote “negative” means of entertainment – for the common practice of excessive drinking. While these sincere thoughts appear to be reasonable, I beg to differ. Why should college officials or the media be used as scapegoats? Is college not a place for mature adults where they learn to be responsible? Thus I must agree with Froma Harrop, one of the many writers who hold the students themselves accountable for their ignorance on binge drinking. Colleges should not be liable for the common practice of excessive drinking, nor should it “police” off campus suppliers of alcohol, instead it should be left as a place where inexperienced adults become responsible and knowledgeable on their own. Today most colleges and universities regulate drinking to some extend and provide alcohol awareness programs for students, but even so, many continue to die due to alcohol poisoning. According to Stewart and Sole, who wrote a letter to the Washington Post, “one out of every four student deaths is related to alcohol use. Research shows that as many as 360,000 of the nation’s 12 million undergraduates will die as...
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