Are Child Proof Containers Really Child Proof??

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  • Published : April 20, 2013
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Are Childproof containers really childproof??? Not really or you could say that they are (semi) child proofing but I say no! To me if 5-10 children can et the so called childproof container top off te its not childproof. Their not really childproof if the child can bang it on a hard surface for a while and manage to get the top off. A child can really get the cap off a pill bottle by throwing it or banging it on a hard surface cause I've seen it before i started this research and with one of my test subjects. The containers aren't child proof they're just a little tougher for old people to get them open and child resistant. I chose to this project cause I wanted to know :

1. What were childproof containers invented to prevent?
2. How does childproof containers work?
3. Are childproof containers really childproof?
4. Can a young child learn to open a childproof container?

I went into this project wanting to know the answers to these questions. So I did this by gathering four "childproof" containers and cleaning them thoroughly and sanitizing them . I gathered a cough medicine botle, prescription pill bottle, a toilet bowl cleaner bottle, a over the counter pill bottle, a cleaning supplies spray bottle, disposable gloves, test subjects, stop watch, masking tape, a permenant marker, a lab notebook, and graphing paper. With all this I tested a good amount of toddlers around the age 5-6 to see if they could get the childproof tops off the containers. I gave each subject a minute to open each container and if they couldnt get it open I showed them how to open it without any verbal contact and giving them another minute and a second try to open it. After testing all of the subjects I saw that many struggled trying to open the toilet bowl cleaner bottle and the aspirin container. Children that age, know that a way to get the top off a container is to twist. Many of my subjects didn't get the top off the toilet bowl cleaner nor the aspirin pill bottle. These...
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