Are Cellphones Dangerous?

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Gabriele Saturno
ENC 1101
Professor Carlos Lamas
Are Cell-Phones Dangerous
Technology is one of the most powerful factors that affect our daily life and routine. As part of it we have the well known and worldwide used: Cell-phones. A 2004 MIT survey said that cell phones were ranked as the one invention that people hate the most, but cannot live without. It beat out the alarm clock and the television. Cell-phones have become one of the most useful devices around the world; however, they have drastically and negatively affected our communication and privacy manners. In addition, they have created an incredible amount of mortal accidents around the world due to distracted drivers. Driving Accidents issues

As a first issue regarding this remarkable invention we find the famous: texting while driving. Victoria police Const. Ryan Wilson, a member of the traffic division who chairs the B.C. Association of Chiefs of Police traffic safety committee, cited a case a few years ago where a woman was killed in what was believed to be a case of texting while driving. Police sought court orders to get her phone records, which showed that she was indeed texting at the time of the crash (Jeff Bell 1). It is almost impossible to keep your eyes focused on the road while giving attention to the screen of your cell phone. It makes your sight go off the street entirely for a couple of seconds, when anything mortal can happen.

Apart from texting it is common for many people to call while hands are on the wheels. But, is it considered as dangerous as texting? The study, by University of Utah researchers, adds to a growing body of evidence that conversing by phone while behind the wheel can be hazardous. Talking on a cell phone while driving is as dangerous as driving drunk, new federally funded research shows (Jeff Bell 1). Despite the fact that everybody drives with one hand on the wheel, the process of our brain focusing on the conversation limits our capacity to respond properly to any minimal situation on the street. A 2005 study published in the British Medical Journal looked at crash data for 456 cell phone subscribers in Perth, Australia, who had an auto accident that required medical attention. The study, which essentially confirmed a similar 1997 study conducted in Toronto, concluded that drivers talking on their phones were about four times more likely to be involved in an accident than those who were not on the phone. Another highly publicized 2006 study from the University of Utah concluded that drivers who talked on cell phones were as impaired as drivers who were intoxicated at the legal blood-alcohol limit of 0.08. The study, however, found that using hands-free devices did little to improve drivers' performances (Nancy McVicar 1). The use of them has been so far the best and only solution that diminish the risk of a mortal worldwide issue. It is not deniable that cell phones have caused several traffic deaths and injuries. As a matter of fact, either calling or texting while driving is among the most dangerous activity around the world. Despite some studies have shown that hands-free devices reduces the risk, they do not entirely finish with the problem. Frank Drews, one of the Utah researchers who has published earlier studies showing drivers on the phone are at higher risk of accidents, stated: "We have shown in previous studies there is no difference between hand-held and hands-free. There is a more dangerous component when people are dialing the phone or searching for the cell phone in the briefcase on the seat beside them, but what distracts people when talking on a cell phone is the conversation, not holding the phone (Nancy McVicar 1). People need to star being conscious and profit technology for our benefit not for our death. Communication Issues

In another subject, cell phones have revolutionarily transformed our way to communicate to other people. We used to be anxious to see our...
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