Are Cell Phone Dangerous

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Patricia Merlino
Are Cell Phones’ Dangerous (Cell Phone Distractions)
Critical Thinking- Philosophy 210
Professor Bass
June 10, 2012

Are you sick and tired of having your life endangered by drivers who feel they are too important to put their phones down and pay attention to what is going on around them while they are driving? Well many people are? There are already many distractions that a person has to avoid while driving, or even when they are walking down the street, let alone texting and cell phone use. Anything can happen at any given moment in this life. What would you do if it was you driving and you were the one who hit your family member of someone you knew? It would be very devasting and your life would go on even after the short period of grief, but you would have to live with that for the rest of your life. Once information is presented why cell phones are a big distraction, one should be convinced not to use their cell phone while driving and remember to “to drive now and talk later”.

We all need to take a stand, because we risk not only our lives, but the lives of others. Could you imagine getting a phone call that one of your family members had been hit by a driver that was texting, or answering a phone call while they were trying to operate their vehicle? Most of us would probably say: “Oh that will or could never happen to me”, But, when it does it makes you sit back and start thinking about what you can do different in order to avoid any type of accidents. Phone technology has come a long way from when it was first invented back in the 1800’s. Technology has had a major impact on the way we all function in our personal and professional lives, such as email, sending information by fax, to getting lost in our own little world with our iPod, to social networking. But with all the technological advances made over the last few decades there is one that I feel that really stands out above the rest and that is the cell phone. The cell phone has become part of everyone’s life and has improved them in so many ways. Such as being able to communicate at any time, any place, to checking our emails when away from home or work, taking pictures, and texting at the same time. But at the same time they have had a negative impact on many of peoples life’s when one is injured or killed in an accident due to the use of the cell phone. I recently did a survey asking questions to both teenagers and adults, and the results were shocking. Amongst the teenagers surveyed, 20% of them still use their cell phones while driving, even though they are aware that they could cause an accident and or hit someone. 45% of the teenagers said they have almost been hit while walking because they were too busy paying attention to their cell phone or iPod. Same questions were asked to the adults and about 50% of the adults stated they have almost being in an accident because they were using their cell phone, but they still are using them even after these close calls they have had. 45% percent of the adults’ survey stated they have almost gotten hit while walking while using their cell phone, and they have even been pulled back from someone who was near them to avoid getting hit. Both teenagers and adults agreed that they should be more of their surroundings and pay less attention to their cell phones, especially when it comes to driving or walking down the street. I went even further to try to prove that cell phones are a distraction and people would not notice of what was going on around them. I figured that people so involved into their conversation on their cell phone that they would not notice the obvious events happening in the world around them. I also figure people are so engrossed in their phone they had “Intentional Blindness”, meaning that they looked around at their surroundings as they talked, but none of it registered. So in order to test this theory, a friend dressed up as superman for a day and we...
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