Are Athletes Prone to Violence?

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  • Published : October 2, 2008
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Are athletes violent? Yes, I believe that athletes are in fact violent. Not all athletes may be as violent as others. For example, a baseball player doesn’t usually experience physical aggression during a game and would not be as violent as a football or hockey player. But a baseball player can still be violent toward another player or an umpire for a bad call. I believe that violence in sports can be caused by both the athletes and the fans. Athletes, of course, can be aggressive or violent because of their size, their attitude, their surrounding environment, fans, etc. For example, a football player will sometimes resort to violence in hopes of intimidating or injuring a player of the opposing team to give their own team an advantage. Maybe peer pressure plays a big role in violent athletes. The Differential Association theory states that criminal behavior is learned behavior and learned via social interaction with others. So this would mean that an athlete’s violent behavior is influenced by coaches and other team members. Growing up with sports can influence a child’s behavior, attitude, and physical appearance. This may cause a child to grow into a violent athlete. Even though a school or sports team does not promote violent behavior, an athlete will still become violent over time due to the nature of the game. Violence outside of the game is an entire different story. As I wrote earlier, an athlete can be aggressive due to their size and attitude. During a certain situation outside of a game, an athlete may become violent because he or she may not know of any other way to handle the situation or cannot control themselves during the situation. I believe that sometimes, an athlete is treated differently for their violent crimes. Take OJ Simpson for example. He was an athlete and got away with murder. No matter what evidence was found, he still was not convicted. Could this be because he was favored because he was an athlete? Athletes are presented as heroes...
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