Are Athletes over Paid?

Topics: Wage, Supply and demand, Professional sports Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: July 30, 2008
Are Athletes Overpaid?
Many people in today’s society say that athletes make too much money and they are paid just for playing a game. What people often forget is how difficult it is to make it into professional sports and that ultimately sports is a business and like any other business athletes receive a salary for a service they provide. Many people believe athletes are being paid for little work, but in fact they work at the same level or even a higher level as other workers do. Making it into the pros is not an easy either. It takes a tremendous number of hours of hard work and dedication every day to earn a job in professional sports. These athletes sometimes go through life threatening injuries for the love of the game. For an athlete once he or she makes it into the professional arena, the job becomes increasingly difficult each year due to the fear of losing their jobs to a younger player. People tend to forget that the money that the owners receive and deal out to its players are directly from the revenue that the fans bring in. When a person buys a Dallas Stars hat he or she is helping the team increase their revenue and ultimately being able to sign a player to a lucrative contract. Earnings for athletes come down to the basic principles of economics, supply and demand. Supply for highly talented players are low and the demand is extremely high. Even though an athlete was the best in college that does not necessarily mean that he will be the best in professional leagues. Signing contracts for enormous amounts of money has a down side too. Once an athlete signs a high dollar contract he is expected to play like a high dollar athlete. When an athlete has a bad day, the fans and sports writers let them know about it. This happens because their salaries are known to the public. The people that claim athletes make too much money forget that if these athletes stop receiving the amounts of money; the public would not get it. The money not given to the...
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