Are Asains Becoming White

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  • Published : April 19, 2012
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Diana Gogan
“Are Asian Americans Becoming White?”

1) Asian Americans have been stereotyped under the image of being a model minority from the mid-1960s to our present day (Macionis 2010:278). Being a model minority means “overcoming extreme hardships and discrimination to achieve success (Macionis 2010:278).” Success “economically, socially, and educationally…without resorting to confrontation with Whites (Schaefer 2009: 252).” Asian Americans have done this and the public has “attributed their winning wealth and respect in American society to hard work, family solidarity, discipline, delayed gratification, non-confrontation, and eschewing welfare (Macionis 2010:278).”

Being labeled a model minority might appear to bring only prestige but in fact it brings consequences as well. One such consequence is that being a “model-minority holds Asian Americans to higher standards (Macionis 2010:279).” Situations that may be accepted for some aren’t accepted from them. They are “judged by standards different from average Americans (Macionis 2010:279).” Also because of the expectations placed upon them they are channeled to “specific avenues of success, such as science and engineering (Macionis 2010:279).” This leads up to another consequence of parents “often discouraging their children from entering fields they regard as unlikely to offer financial security, such as the arts (Schaefer 2009:252).” A child may have a gift as an astounding writer, yet the parents will still discourage it due to worries about job outlook and income in the future (Macionis 2010:279). Another consequence the label causes is that it “reinforces the myth that the United States is devoid of racism and accords equal opportunity to all (Macionis 2010:279).” This implies that “those minorities that do not succeed are somehow responsible for their failure…this attitude is yet another instance of blaming the victims (Schaefer 2009:252).” Although, not all bad, an advantage...
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