Are Americans Smarter Than Ever?

Topics: Flynn effect, Problem solving, Intelligence quotient Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Are Americans Smarter Than Ever?

After reading this complicated article, I was very surprised at all the statistics they found. I am curious to know why our IQ scores today are much higher then they were 100 years ago, is it just because of technology and advanced resources, or is it something else that can spark this huge dramatic change? I am very confused on what the Flynn Effect is, they do not give a clear explanation of what it is. In the paragraph about why IQ scores risen so consistently , they stated it is because of improved nutrition, what does that have to do with IQ scores? Jonathan Wai stated that, “The smart are getting increasingly smarter” I’m curious to why, why is it the smart are getting smarter and no one else in our society is? They said, “Environmental stimulation might play a part”, but honestly I have no idea what that even means. The biggest question I am having right now is, do IQ tests reliably measure ‘smartness’? In the paragraph, it says the ability to solve logic problems is more a test of ‘smartness’ than verbal reasoning, math skills, literacy, and creativity. This so surprising to me because I always thought that IQ scores mean how smart someone is. When they gave the example of the rabbit and dog, I was surprised to learn that one is less points then the other because both of those answers are correct. I’m curious why in the broader sense of things, the IQ doesn’t matter. If you look at the United States as a whole and averaged the IQ scores, you could tell if our nation is smarter than other countries, rather then just looking at people individually. Since IQ scores are rising, why is it that creativity levels have been bottoming out for the past 20 years? You would think they would try to do something about it, to try to raise the creativity levels of the younger population. I believe that most teachers teach to the test, meaning their teaching things to their students so they can do well on tests, which doesn’t...
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