Are Aliens Real?

Topics: Unidentified flying object, Planet, Sun Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: April 13, 2013
The general argument made by D.M. Murdock in her work, “Are UFO’s and Aliens Real?” is that there are a number of different types now complied under the heading of legendary “sky people,” humans, gods, and possibly aliens. More specifically, she argues that they are not always called aliens, but planetary bodies, such as the sun, moon, earth, planets, stars, etc. Murdock writes, “the Greek Sun God, Apollo, is most assuredly just that: A sun god, not an alien flying through the sky in his chariot spaceship.” In this article, Murdock is suggesting that legends say that when chaos descended, these man made “spacecraft” transported a number of inhabitants to elsewhere, which is speculated to be the moon, Mars, Venus, or another destination, including inside the earth, or under the sea. In conclusion, Murdock’s belief is that “obviously, none of these creatures is an alien however.” Murdock is right in my opinion because I have never once seen an alien or any sort of UFO. More specifically I believe that aliens are not real, but the sightings and reporting’s a form of hominid species. For example, with the discovery of homo floresiensis or “the hobbit,” which thrived 12,000 years ago, way before we discovered aliens.” Although Murdock might counter that UFO sightings have been dismisses as the planet Venus, many sightings are explainable by a man made phenomena, but some are not. I maintain that millions of people in the past few decades have reported seeing something that is clearly unidentifiable. Abduction by aliens has been mistaken as an hallucination. I don’t believe aliens are real, but the fact remains that some of them cannot be so easily dismissed. For hundreds of years unexplainable "sky quakes" or roaring explosions have been heard in various parts of the world, long before jets existed to break the sound barrier. UFOs—"Unidentified Flying Objects," not necessarily piloted by human creatures—have been buzzing around the sky for centuries. In modern times,...
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