Are Afl Footballers Postivie Role Models

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  • Published : August 17, 2007
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Section 8: A piece intended to present a point of view persuasively

What is exactly a role model? Wikipedia says it's a person who fills his or her role as a good or bad example for others. A good example is a positive example. A bad example is a negative role model. As a society sports people are usually the role models for Australian children in Melbourne the role model fir the children are the AFL footballers. They are the role models because they are the kind of person the children want to be. Recent events in the football community such as: rape, drug use, illegal betting, traffic offences and assaults dampen the idea of them being a positive role model changes to them being a negative role model. Which genius decided that AFL footballers should be role models? Because obviously if their off field antics is as bad as it is they don't deserve to be role models all they deserve to be is locked up.

The major disgrace belongs to West Coast's Ben Cousins. This man is meant to embody "the best and fairest" that the AFL competition has to offer and his Brownlow medal is a testament to that. He is also the captain of last years premiership runners up side and is one of the leagues highest paid stars, worth half a million dollars per year. Yet he has links with under world figures, drug dealers as caught on tape by police this year. He came out saying he was a drug addict and went to American to fight his addiction in an American rehab clinic. Cousins has also been caught drink driving as well as being caught abandoning his car on a Perth free way due to knowing there was a booze bus up ahead. He was also arrested in Melbourne last December spent a night in a cell due to his drunkenness in a public place. Would you want your son or daughter to have this man as their role model? There have been a number or players also been caught up in the illicit drugs like Cousins these include: Brendan Fevola; Carlton, Lawrence...
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