Topics: Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Joseph Campbell, Darth Vader Pages: 2 (616 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Stephanie Santilli
Mr. Dixon
Intro to Psych. H Period 3
9 April 2013
We all play various different roles throughout our journeys through life. Star Wars was written and produced by George Lucas. His original story was based on the writing of Joseph Campell who was a scholar of myths and legends. George Lucas also based his ideas off of Jung’s Archetype Theory. This theory is that our personalities fit into one of many different types, each based on a collective unconscious. His story follows a classic heroic arc. Star Wars was the first serious science fiction film created and also one six Oscars. In the movie Stars Wars by George Lucas’s characters relate to other books in terms of Jung’s theory, and relate to Jung collective unconscious, and have a familiar heroic arc. Some main characters between Star Wars and Hamlet relate well in terms of Jung Archetype Theory. In Star Wars Luke is the hero, which is someone who sacrifices to save the day. Hans solo, who helps Luke fight, is the son, which is someone who helps the hero. Darth Vader, who wants to put a stop to Luke, is the shadow, which is someone who is out to put the stop to the hero. In Hamlet, Hamlet is the hero trying to prove to Denmark his Uncle Claudius killed his father. Horatio, whom Hamlet seeks help from to prove to the people of Denmark that Claudis killed his father, is the son. King Claudius, who killed Hamlets father and devised a plan to kill hamlet, is the shadow. Each of the three characters described to from the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare fall under a certain archetype just as in Star Wars. Based on collective unconscious our personalities fit into many different types, but are not developed individually, they are more inherited. Each of them characters fit the criteria of their archetype. In Hamlet, Hamlet is the hero because he tried to prove that his uncle killed his father, and dies trying to kill his uncle to get his revenge. This shows he sacrificed something to save...
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