Architrctural Analysis on Avelino Duarte by Alvaro Siza

Topics: Floor, Storey, Bedroom Pages: 5 (1581 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Avelino Duarte
Alvaro Siza

Mohamad Safieddine
Theory I
Ms. Chantal El Hayek
June 5, 2011
Spring 2011-20012

Surface Articulation & Entrance
The Circulation & the Inside Spaces
In Conclusion
Analytical Diagrams (Autocad drawings)
Photo Documentation

The Avelino Duarte House is a work by the Portuguese architect, Alvaro Siza. Built in Portugal , Ovar construction stared in the 1982 and was completed in 1984 ,It is a modernistic house with a simple, yet elegant feel to it. The simplicity in the design does not take away from the beauty and complexity of the house and by the interior spaces within .

Approach :
To the south of Oporto the approach to the house is predetermined with a base plane of limestone and gravel ; upon arrival Avelino Duarte stands out with its distinct white façade articulation among other bricked roof authentic houses ;to the gate of the site the approach is frontal ,the gate isn’t to the appropriate scale only 90 cm of the ground and a meter in width ,made out of wood it’s a logical proportion for a 3 story house ,also it serves its function well characterizing visual continuity towards the building , sets a frame to the site ,and deterring which is public from private . Through this gate a straight axial path made out of hard stone acts also as a base plane leading you to the entrance of the house around which is filled with a large plant inhabited garden. This visual aspect overall stresses on a feel of welcoming , straight forward ,and a minimalist impression deceiving one’s thought of complexity of the interior .

The form is a result of many transformation sequences ,using tools such as subtraction and addition of volumes ,dimensional transformation ,interlocking volumes ,primary composite solids ,used under the guidelines of balancing versus misbalancing ,or symmetry versus symmetry .to create the quality and masterpiece that alvaro siza is known for . The sequence starts like this , a primary volume being a rectangle is initiated from the dimensions of the site scaled down to about 0.743 of its initial size ,proportions are preserved to fit it naturally along its surrounding . Second a distinct element alvaro siza is know for ,a symmetrical subtraction was excavated from the front and back façade to create two features ;First feature is the creation of entrances ,on the front façade is the main entrance an axial ,direct approach to the house ,and On the back façade an entrance from the living space to the courtyard and garage .Second feature is the creation of an intermediate space on the front and back façade between two private spaces found on the the second level . Third is a subtraction in the right façade ,this volume is in composite shape ,only subtracted from the second and third floor ,as if sliced from the house it leaves the first floor dominante in size .Alvaro Siza wont stop their but to follow his guide lines of balancing ,he subtracted the roof in to three parts forming terraces in two levels .Therefore the overall shape becomes steady ,until the Fourth element where misbalancing was used to create movement making it a playful composite shape ,the addition of a curve was set in the back façade where the excavation took place and in the roof he curved the third level making a distinct feature in his volume much different from any other houses he has built . The overall volume stands out as a positive element within its space ,with naturally articulated features ,logical proportions ,and rough guidelines .

Surface Articulation and Entrance :

As all of alvaro siza’s work ,he is know as the man with the white structures . The finishing surfaces of the facades and roof are all done the same a simple white paint as not to distribute the true meaning of the space around and within , as the great adolf loos states “ornaments is a crime “.but mysteriously this...
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