Architecture Research Paper

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  • Published : February 20, 2012
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Have you ever driven by a building so unique that you wonder, how much work went into that, and who even thought of that? Architecture began in prehistoric times. Trees and branches were used for shelter to protect them from the elements(Architectural Careers). Huts in Neolithic times also count as architecture(Architectural Voices). The amazing works of temples dedicated to gods are the most significant start of architecture(Nuttgens, 9) because it put design and creativity into the word. Architecture has flourished since then. An architects main jobs are to protect the health, safety, and welfare of its users(Architectural Careers). Also they must create designs by respecting the budget set forth by the client and the needs of the buildings. Finally they must create a design that also works with the limits of materials and restraints of a site(Glancey, 14). Artists who like to sketch and draw would most definitely be interested in this field of work. Also people who axel at math and enjoy building of any kind should be interested in this future career(Architectural Careers). Architects spend their time Managing the flow of production documents, creating blue prints, and supervising the production of a building.

To begin, becoming an architect is a long process. You first need to have a professional degree. Then you must get licensed and become certified by the N.A.A.B(Architectural Voices). Other part-time jobs or internships can help your career drastically by helping you to gain experience. Internships in small or large firms are always advised. Even part-time jobs with engineers or contractors(Architectural Careers) can help your career take a step in the right direction. If neither of these options are available to you, try taking classes specified for the study of architecture( These classes may help you to wrap your head around all of the hard work and knowledge that is required. If your very serious about becoming an...
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