Architecture -Demonstration Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems

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REDARS 1: Demonstration Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems by Stuart D. Werner, Jean-Paul Lavoie, Chip Eitzel, Sungbin Cho, Charles Huyck, Shubharoop Ghosh, Ronald T. Eguchi, Craig E. Taylor and James E. Moore II

Research Objectives
The objective of this research is to further develop, apply, program, and disseminate the methodology for seismic risk analysis (SRA) of highwayroadway systems that was developed under FHWA-MCEER Project 106. The methodology’s risk-based framework uses models for seismology and geology, engineering (structural, geotechnical, and transportation), repair and reconstruction, system analysis, and economics to estimate systemwide direct losses and indirect losses due to reduced traffic flows and increased travel times caused by earthquake damage to the highway system. Results from this methodology also show how this damage can affect access to facilities critical to emergency response and recovery. Federal Highway Administration

or the past several years, the Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research has been carrying out highway research under the sponsorship of the Federal Highway Administration. One task from this research has developed a new methodology for deterministic and probabilistic seismic risk analysis (SRA) of highway systems nationwide, and has applied it to the Shelby County, Tennessee highway system (Werner et al., 2000). This methodology will enable users to evaluate and prioritize how various pre-earthquake seismic-risk-reduction strategies (e.g., strengthening of particular bridges, system enhancement) and post-earthquake emergency-response strategies (e.g., traffic management, emergency bypass road construction) will improve post-earthquake traffic flows and reduce associated losses. During the past year, this SRA methodology has been independently validated (Eguchi et al., 2003), and a plan for developing the methodology into a public-domain software package named REDARS (Risks from EarthR quake DAmage to Roadway Systems) has been completed (Werner et al., 2003). This software will be programmed, beta-tested, applied to actual highway systems, and disseminated during the remainder of this research project. However, before undertaking this effort, it was decided to first develop interim demonstration software (REDARS 1). This software, now completed, performs simplified deterministic SRA of the Los Angeles area high-


Stuart D. Werner, Principal, Seismic Systems & Engineering Consultants Jean-Paul Lavoie, Partner, and Chip Eitzel, Partner, Geodesy Ronald T. Eguchi, President, Sungbin Cho, Senior Transportation Planner, Charles Huyck, Senior Vice President, and Shubharoop Ghosh, Project Transportation Planner, ImageCat Inc. Craig E. Taylor, President, Natural Hazards Management Inc. James E Moore II, Professor, Departments of Civil Engineering and Public Policy and Management, University of Southern California, Los Angeles


Previous Summaries
2000-2001: Werner, publications/resaccom/0001/ rpa_pdfs/07werner_f.pdf 1997-1999: Friedland et al., publications/resaccom/9799/ Ch12frie.pdf

way system subjected to scenario earthquakes for which SHAKEMAP ground motion data (TriNet, 2002) are available. Development of this interim software was motivated by the interest of several state highway-transportation agencies, and the need to: (a) provide a simple tool to familiarize these agencies with basic SRA concepts, while the more extensive public-domain software (REDARS 2) is being developed; and (b) enable these agencies to provide early feedback regarding desirable features to include in REDARS 2. This paper summarizes the main features and steps for applying the REDARS 1 interim software, many of which are expected to be included in REDARS 2. Table 1 summarizes the technical features of REDARS 1 and those being included in REDARS 2. Because REDARS 1 was developed over a short...
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