Architecture and Fashion

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Architecture and Fashion have been inter-related in many aspects. The involvement of fashion in architectural projects is an intriguing topic proved by many. Recently many architects have moved to creating their own fashion products or rather products of their own with fashion and architectural concepts. Interestingly they have all created a mark and showed how interesting this blend can be. This exposé aims to explore creations by designers inspired by architectural structures. It will talk about various personalities in the architecture and fashion fields who have proved themselves and their perception of art. The essay will contain factual account of collections by designers and architects who have taken inspiration from monument or architectural structures.

“Both fashion and architecture express ideas of personal, social and cultural identity, reflecting the concerns of the user and the ambition of the age. Their relationship is a symbiotic one, and throughout history clothing and buildings have echoed each other in form and appearance. This seems only natural, as they not only share the primary function of providing shelter and protection for the body, but also because they both create space and volume out of flat, two-dimensional materials. While they have much in common, they are also intrinsically different. Both address the human scale, but the proportions, sizes and shapes differ enormously. And while fashion is, by its very nature, ephemeral or ‘of the moment’, architecture traditionally has a more solid, monumental and permanent presence.”(Somerset house 2008) Literature Review

Architecture (Latin architectura, from the Greek ἀρχιτέκτων – arkhitekton) in simple terms is the process of planning, designing and executing an idea for a structure. ( 2013). It can be defined as an artistic approach to a construction of a monument or a building. Architecture has evolved throughout the years proving that there is no defined rule or formula to be followed. The concepts and methodologies of architecture have changed over the years breaking all rules. An Architect is a person who is skilled to plan and execute a design for a monument or a structure with a finished vision in mind. The similarity of the initial plan/idea and the finished product, rates the success of the architect’s work.

“Architecture is generally considered an art but is differentiated by it in one respect: function. Regardless, defining architecture is almost, if not as, difficult as defining art. To define architecture is to set parameters, standards by which anything applied to these criteria will either fit the definition or not. The definition must take certain conditions into account that must be present in order for something to be considered architecture. Some of these may include, in reference to a candidate for a piece of architecture: it must be material, it must transcend mere function, it must be aesthetic and an architect must design it. These are some criteria that are generally agreed upon by the public and most architects as necessary traits of architecture.” ( 2000)

Fashion is a style that is accepted by the mass. Creating fashion through a product or a garment is a process involving planning, designing and executing just like architecture, called fashion design.

“Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories”. ( 2009)

Fashion is a loop. It moves in a circle and is recurring. It is art in the form or clothes or accessories. Fashion is also one of the most lucrative professions currently. Fashion designers belong to one of the wealthiest groups. This has encouraged many to follow this profession and make a mark in...
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