Topics: Design, Epistemology, Source Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Department of Int. Arch and Env.Planning

Important notes:
Please select one of the topics below and make preparation regarding the structure of your essay. In addition to your lecture notes, you can benefit from other sources, books, articles and etc. You can take notes on a single A/4 sheet related to the structure of your essay, quotations and certain definitions etc. and bring it to the classroom. You are allowed to bring dictionary to the classroom but you will not be able to use edictionaries. Please note that your essay should not be less than 400 words and should not exceed 700 words (3 pages at most)

Please do not make plagiarism.
1. The source of designers’ design ideas and the way they conceive the concept and process of design differs inevitably. Having in mind that design is a mental activity and each designer develops a method of his/her own, please write a short essay about your own conception , comphrehension and definition of design; your sources of inspiration and the way of developing the idea referring to inductive and/or deductive methods. Please indicate the challanges you faced with during the process and the strategies you develop to get through them.

2. Mark Gelertner has indicated that there are 5 major sources that form originates in: function, intutuion of the designer, zeitgeist, social and economic context and type. We know that none of these give a complete and convincing account of the source of design ideas . However, it is possible to make an inference that there are two opposing attitudes: designer passively discovering the external form and designer actively expressing the internal form. Please write a short essay discussing the Pros and Cons of those attitudes from your point of view, indicating the effects of those attitudes to design education.

3. Regarding the source of form, Western theory of...
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