Topics: Augustine of Hippo, God, Free will Pages: 4 (1664 words) Published: April 10, 2013
St. Augustine the Roman Philosopher
St. Augustine was man of many substances, he was scholarly man, and he was a person that fought with his temptation as a child growing up. Augustine could have become a lawyer but he chose to follow his faith and become a priest. He is a man of his teaching and he makes you believe or question his teaching but you still come away that he knows what he is talking about. Before he became a Saint, Augustine was born in a small city in Northern Africa in the town of Thagaste. He lived with his parents who believe that the town of Thagaste provided him with a knowledge and influence. His father Patrick was a landholder, and his mother Monnicca was illiterate but in the book (St. Augustine’s Child Hood), it says she had a“natural shrewdness to match her Christian piety." (Wills)) (pg3).Augustine parents sent him off to a town called Madauros for more study in literary teaching. Of his returned home, his father couldn’t support his study in graduate school so a Romanian; millionaire made Augustine his apprentice and after a tough time in Thagaste, young Augustine went on to complete his studies in Carthage. In Thagaste, Augustine fell in love with a woman he would live with for the next fifteen years. This was the only love that Augustine had believed in at time.. He and his lover had only one child. “Augustine admits that the baby was born because he did not take contraceptive measures”. (Wills)(pg4).When Augustine was twenty-nine his friends helped him find patronage in Rome. In years’ time, he received a reward to be the court orator to emperor Valentinian II in the western capital of Milan. In the city of Milan he made many new friends in high places, he met a Christian Neoplatonists, it help him convert to philosophical and ascetic tenets. Their teaching help Augustine realized that he would make a huge mistake if he was to marry his longtime lover, and soon after that, he separated from her. He left his son mother behind. It...
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