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  • Published : December 19, 2012
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Architecture is one of the most interesting occupations in the world. It involves a level of creativity that isn’t used in many common careers. Artistic abilities is not the only factor involved, it also carries a superior level of education that many other career choices do not require, excessive years of specialized schooling. To succeed in this field one must posses an understanding of physics, creativity & good leadership qualities. Communication is also key because a part of the job deals with clients and construction workers. Let’s slow down for a minute and get into the details of architecture. What is architecture? Architecture can be defined in many different ways and views. My view of architecture is the design and construction of a building, community, park, furniture, etc. They met with clients and come up with a blue print based off the client’s needs. Yes they work with blueprints but, they also have to: build models, do calculations, do cost estimates, write specifications, write letters, inspect buildings, and administer the construction of buildings, sites and interiors. If you do not have a passion for drawing, design, or creativity then this is not the career for you. An architect is usually working in a comfortable environment. Some may call this an occupation an office job because architects spend around 90% of their time in the office. They may often make visits to the construction site to ensure progress with the project. Their schedule is quite busy, many work around 50 hours a week and even working nights & weekends to meet deadlines. Complications are commonly the cause of these long hours; where a client changing their mind is the most frequent of them all. Becoming an architect is challenging and time consuming but not hard. It’s broken into three steps: degree, intern, and exam. First you must get a degree in Architecture or etc. Then you have to serve as an intern architect for at least three years. Now you are qualified...
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