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Topics: Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Architecture, Le Corbusier Pages: 4 (640 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Department of Architecture
AR1102 Architectural Design 1
Academic Year 2012/2013
Project 02 – The room and a ‘village’

Project 02
The room and a ‘village’
Understanding architectural language
Using architectural language and
Making architectural language
Arguably the room or its approximation is the basic construct of an architectural space. How it is defined, enclosed and what elements are used to do this is the architecture. Beyond the room are other rooms. Their interaction constitutes both the narrative of the space as well as the reason for the architecture. We know the reason as purpose, function or use. As a whole the architectural language of the space comes into being.

A village may be defined as a gathering of units of various uses. They relate to one another through common space. This forms the physical context of a community. Examples of different architects designing in a group forming its own context are W eißenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart 1927, IBA, Berlin 1987 and The commune by the great wall 2005.

The project aims to achieve the following:

Part 1 - Understanding architectural language (2 /2 weeks, individual) a. A precedent architectural project is studied.
Using the initial broad formal categories of ‘skeleton’, ‘planes’, ‘volume or mass’ understand and explicate how space is made and room formed. This is compared to another piece of architecture with a contrasting strategy or language

Two suitably sized projects (house or similar scale) is chosen from the works of the architects listed. b. A study is made of what formal category is the architecture composed of. How is the ‘room’ formed and what are its elements. How does the space relate to one another? How does the function affect this organisation and how does it impact the form ? W hat is the contextual response and what is its autonomous construct. By autonomous construct, it refers to the internal forces...
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