Archetypes in the Hunger Games

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  • Published : April 27, 2013
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Archetype Essay: The Hunger Games

This story is about a girl named Katniss Everdeen, who lives in district 12. In this story she is the hero, with most archetypes. The archetypes in this book are her birth, having to leave her family, traumatizing event leading to her quest, special weapon, supernatural help, proves herself when on her quest, and journey that creates and un healable wound.

Katniss was born in District 12, a mining District that is poor and neglected by the Capitol. Food is normally not something that comes in mass quantities. Living conditions in general were rough.

In this book we don’t learn much about her childhood, but what we do learn is that it seemed, for a while, that she had lost both of her parents. Her father was a miner and was tragically killed in an explosion while down in the mines. After that her mother sort of shut down and Katniss had to take care of the family and keep them alive.

Each year there is an event known as the Reaping where each district has to offer up one boy and one girl between the ages of 12-18 to play in the Hunger Games. These teens, once in the Game are put in an arena where they all fight to the death until one victor remains. This year, at the reaping Katniss’ younger sister is chosen.

Katniss’ special weapon is a bow, her father used to take her out to the woods and teach her how to hunt. It helped her to keep her, her mother and sister alive once the father died. Also this is one of the main skills that helped her to win the Hunger Games. She had a sharp eye and knew how to use it, so when she got her hands on one she became a vicious player in the Games.

In this book Katniss meets Cinna and Haymitch who both help her to make her way to being likeable, gain sponsors, and win the people over so she could have a better chance of surviving the Games. Haymich helped her to learn vital skill for the games. When Katniss was in trouble, Haymich went around and got her...
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